April 5, 2021 10:30PM CST

A great tournament is complete! We have all been dealing with COVID for over a year and didn't get a tournament last year, so I think we were ready to appreciate the tourney a little more this year. Lot's of exciting underdogs and upsets in every round. A Final Four game for the ages with Gonzaga winning at the buzzer in OT over UCLA. And a Final that matched up two great #1-seeds. Congratulations to #1-Baylor on the Championship.

UCLA's performance in the tourney was surely the reason I loved this tournament. But, I was able sit back and enjoy a little more this year. In years past, I had to manually update my site with the winning teams as each game finished. With a smartphone, I was able to do it even if I was out watching basketball somewhere, but always with a bit of stress to do it timely and correctly. This year, I wrote code to automatically get the winners and scores from the cloud, and set it to update every five minutes so I could just sit and enjoy the games.

In the final leaderboard, Douglas Ciota maintains his big lead and takes the big prize. He took the top spot on the first day and was almost the wire-to-wire leader. He lost the top spot on Day 2 but took it back the next day for the remainder of the tournament. An impressive performance by Douglas.

Michael Loeber keeps the second spot amazingly with Illinois has his champ. He ended in a tie for second with Toby Hensley. So they will jointly split the 2nd & 3rd place prize. In 4th place is my wife Elisabeth. She has the bragging rights for the next year in my house and does make the family proud. The rest of the Top 10 also gets a prize.

The close-but-no-cigar award goes to three historical top performers. Pete Moutvic, John Whetstone, and Adam Cutler are all past Pool Champions and finished just outside the Top-10 in the 11th and 12th spots.

In the Sweet-16, Jeffrey Seiden only missed one game and takes the top Sweet-16 prize. Mike Mistretta takes 2nd and Jake Goligoski takes 3rd for the other Sweet-16 prizes. The amazing Sarah Williams takes 7th place and gets $0.

And a pool first, all have paid before the tournament was over. Thank you! Electronic payments have been a great time savings for me. I used to sign the back of over 170 checks and manually deposit them. With the high majority of payments now coming electronically, my life got a lot easier. Only 10 checks this year. Now my big manual effort is just writing a sentence like this. I am still planning to re-write to a more modern interface, but let me know if you have any other ideas to improve the site.

Below is a list of this year's winners:

376 Ciota, Douglas Baylor
323 Hensley, Toby Baylor
323 Loeber, Michael Illinois
322 Williams, Elisabeth Baylor
315 Rakowski, K & J Baylor
314 Rizzo, Joe Baylor
314 Range, Luke Baylor
311 Attlesey, Justin Gonzaga
306 Carbone, Ariane Gonzaga
304 Kopach, Rayce Gonzaga

Sweet 16
177 Seiden, Jeffrey Baylor
169 Mistretta, Mike Baylor
166 Goligoski, Jake Gonzaga

110 Kann, Brian Illinois

96 Grubisic, Mitch Michigan

95 Anderson, Kathryn Texas

100 Nixon, Jamin Houston

93 Ciota, Douglas Baylor

103 Loeber, Michael Illinois
103 Grubisic, Mitch Michigan

98 Ciota, Douglas Baylor

81 Anderson, Kathryn Texas
81 Carbone, Ariane Gonzaga
81 Higgenbotham, Daniel Houston

109 Smith, Eric Norfolk St

Who is ready for next year!!